BDC Consulting
Founded year: 2011
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BDC Consulting is a marketing agency specializing in the promotion of blockchain & fintech projects.
Since 2011, our growth services have earned our fintech, blockchain, and IT clients over $58 million. A boutique marketing team with experience in digital marketing. We offer transparent KPIs and a revenue share model. BDC Consulting services: - Strategy and analytics - Crypto projects - Crowdfunding and ICO - Performance marketing - Mobile advertising and Retention marketing - Media planning and Influence marketing - PR and personal branding - Messengers and New Media We've already helped our partners get over 2,87 million targeted leads
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HELPING CLIENTS BECOME UNICORNS Over 10 years of marketing experience Since 2017 fell in love with crypto Over $3MM targeted leads The BDC Consulting team often manages to increase the sales and capitalization of client products by 100-200% through high-quality advertising and reputation management. The key to this success usually remains behind the scenes with target audience research.
27.01.2022 09:37