Jack O'Holleran

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Jack's passion for decentralized systems and blockchain led him to join efforts with Stan to solve the blockchain scalability problem. He is a veteran Silicon Valley Technology entrepreneur with a deep background in machine learning/AI technologies, and blockchain. His resume includes co-founder of Aktana, co-founder IncentAlign, and executive positions at Good Technology, and Motorola. His first work with Digital Currencies was in 2008 building a digital currency platform for Enterprise Resource Allocation. He has been an active Cryptocurrency investor and an evangelist for decentralized systems since early 2013.

SKALE operates on the Ethereum Network and is actively deploying procedures to solve Ethereum’s scalability problems. Currently, SKALE (the only Multichain Layer 2 Ethereum Network) has 2 million token holders and 10,000 daily active engaged community members who have staked over a billion dollars in the network. They are also backed by the likes of the Winklevoss brothers to the tune of over $30 million.

In the past year, SKALE introduced the IMA Bridge and announced 10+ Projects/partnerships that have or are set to go live on the SKALE Mainnet in the near future. Most recently, they have announced that they will be building a cross-chain NFT platform with NFTrade as the first fully integrated secondary NFT market on the SKALE Network.
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