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With a state-of-the-art technology-agnostic platform, supporting both public and private blockchains, Propine is the first fully regulated independent digital asset custodian to be granted a Capital Market Services Licence by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). 
Post-trade Activities:
Propine takes care of all corporate actions and income distribution for digital securities under custody. The integration with middle and back offices for accounting improves control, transparency and convenience.
Seamless facilitation of trade settlement through APIs. Propine’s robust system of pre-trade checks, post-trade processing and reporting ensure that trade settlement is facilitated efficiently.
As a part of comprehensive end-to-end securities services, a user-friendly functional dashboard with reports on portfolio and advanced analytics based on historical transactions make Propine’s dashboard truly comprehensive.
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I find that Propine is professionals in its field. They are trailblazers in the industry being the first ones to receive CMS licenses from MAS it is a huge step for the entire capital markets industry. Honored to deal with them.
27.05.2021 04:27

Propine is the first, regulated independent crypto custody provider by MAS

1. First MAS regulated independent and only digital asset custody provider in Singapore, that graduated from MAS Sandbox with a full CMS licence in Jan 2021. 2. Our technology is unique and personalised as we are blockchain agnostic: currently supporting multiple chains like Ethereum, Corda and Symbol with more in pipeline. Our solution can handle hot, warm and cold custody aspects. All cryptographic functions are managed within HSM and we are regularly audited by UK's independent Centre for Assessment. 3. Propine has developed an institutional grade, blockchain-agnostic, multi-signature custody solution on blockchain to safeguard digital assets. Propine will custody the digital securities on behalf of its customers by managing the ownership and control of the cryptographic keys. Besides, our suite of solution is comprehensive and end-to-end: covering tokenization, custody, trade settlement facilitation and asset servicing. 4. As a first mover in the regulated digital securities industry, our efforts are not only focussed on the commercial aspect of the business but also equally on building the nascent communities of asset tokenization and digital securities advocates and supporters, so as to hasten the adoption into mainstream. We continue to solve challenge statements for capital market players while collaborating with ecosystem partners and determination of roles between the public and private sector in maximising the opportunities arise from such partnerships and creating cost-effective solutions for the benefit of all.
27.05.2021 04:26
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