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Kyle is an experienced Angel Investor and Venture Marketing Advisor for over 15 companies raising over $600 million in funding as well as leadership experience with real estate industry giants like Zillow and Vail Resorts. The market cap of the companies exceeds $21B and is currently the COO for Atom Foundation, a DeFi liquidity ecosystem with 12 pending patents and Co-Founder of Interstellar Digital, a Venture Marketing fund focused on blockchain and seed stage companies. His passion currently lies within DAO structuring and mass adoption strategies to help grow the global crypto market by speaking at events and educating the public.

His most recent investments has shown 105,039.39% ROI since launching in September 2020.
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One of the best investors I know

Kyle knows the industry very well and has amazing intuition. Kyle is an award-winning Venture Marketing Advisor with over 10 years of experience raising over $600 million in funding, achieving a market cap exceeding $16B. His leadership experience includes real estate industry giants like Draper Venture Network, Zillow, and Vail Resorts.
09.06.2021 17:19

Major influence

Impressed each time I hear Kyle speak. The last conference I heard him at was the the bit angels NFT showcase with KingSwap. He is very direct when it comes to his beliefs
Kyle White team
Appreciate the feedback, I love talking about my investments and helping present a different perspective of popular topics.
08.06.2021 14:55
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