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At the heart of Blockster’s operation, there is Blockdesk — fast-rising crypto news and analysis resource that has achieved tremendous growth since its launch earlier this year. It was developed to be the cornerstone of the entire platform and part of a greater strategy to overcome mainstream media censorship against crypto content.
With over 50 journalists from top crypto media sources covering industry news and events on a daily basis, the platform aims to bring original, peerless, and unbiased crypto content to the masses. It ultimately aims to avoid rehashed content, and that is what sets it apart from the competition.
Blockdesk features news content and contributions from crypto experts from around the world. It provides an illuminating, educational experience through insightful coverage of market trends and exclusive interviews with top company executives and investors. Because each author on Blockdesk has a profile, interested members can reach out and engage with each content creator directly.
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