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UniFarm is a farming pool of top DeFi and NFT projects directly through user’s self custodian wallet thus always giving them control of their funds. UniFarm has nearly 48,000 users among the 300,000 of the total crypto ecosystem (16-17% market capture).

We have 100+ quality partners who have staked on UniFarm and our TVL is nearly 115Million USD. We let users stake one and farm all tokens in that particular pool, give them fixed minimum APY among others.

We increase utility and demand of project, give them new set of investors and reduce their sell pressure especially in a sideways or a correction prone market.

UniFarm ($UFARM) is the only platform of its kind in the Defi industry, showing the community’s willingness to participate in farming strategies that are easy to use and reliable. It incentivized more users who stay longer on the platform. The system has an inbuilt compounding gamified framework which compounds the benefits depending on how long the user stays in.

Its staking solution is where the best projects in the Defi space come together to provide value to investors. The platform allows one to stake a particular token but earn multiple high-value tokens. So in addition to a great APY, the returns are automatically diversified as well.

We have successfully launched 34 different staking cohorts on 4 different chains where we are already active i.e Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche Network.

We see UniFarm as becoming the go-to place for projects raising money via tokens to give their token utility and more space to grow plus the best place where users cab maximize their returns.
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