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GRAVIEX Exchange service: low fees, fast withdrawals, high security.

Our main goal is to make trading affordable, safe and reliable.
Therefore, we strive to provide the most comfortable conditions for our users.
We work so that you can work.
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slowly but surely

Their markets lack liquidity and a lot of, say, ghost projects. but the transaction fees, withdrawal are interesting. Their varied tokenomics, dividend program, reduction of transaction fees with their token. A new interface can bring in new users. And more cash. When it comes to security, their platform seems solid. The daily trading volume will increase over time. And faster with a newlook UI, a delisting of lots of ghost projects, a listing of their token will bring liquidity and visibility. Big potential and undervalued. Finally, they swapped their token: 2B supply / 100. Now 14.5M suppl circulate and 17M max supply. Have you experienced such stunning swaps?
27.03.2021 19:58