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Guarda Wallet is a non-custodial multi-currency wallet available on all major platforms including web, Windows, Mac OS and desktop applications, iOS and Android mobile apps, and Chrome extension. Our wallet supports most of the possible token standards. The list of features and services supported by Guarda is quite extensive, also. We offer advanced management options: buying, exchanging, staking, delegating; sending, and receiving crypto using multisignature addresses and smart contracts. Token issuance and borrowing are also supported. Guarda users can use watch-only wallets, seamlessly connect hardware wallets, enjoy Human-Readable Addresses functionality, and much more. Thanks to feature richness, we stand out from the competitors. But that’s not just it.
Our mission is to pioneer financial transformation. Guarda aims to become the ultimate one-stop solution for crypto management. We are creating an ecosystem of products that encompasses the full range of crypto-asset and financial tools. By combining these tools we will provide a new format of financial interaction that is decentralized, convenient, and transparent. We are proud to say that Guarda Wallet is ready to meet the demands of this new reality.
We created a multifunctional and secure service that lets users manage their assets. We do not store any personal information, nor do we have access to users’ funds. Guarda is one of the safest cryptocurrency wallets out there and it has received massive support from the crypto community .
Aside from technological growth, we are constantly working on accessible communication: launching Guarda Ambassador Program, referral program, growing our Telegram and Twitter communities, and providing 24/7 customer support via email and live chat. We do our best to make Guarda convenient for both novices and experienced crypto enthusiasts. Also, we work on educating users about blockchain and crypto.
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