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Zumo is the digital wallet and payments platform that makes your money and cryptocurrency work seemlessly together. Our non-custodial smart waller, housed on the Zumo App, uses the power of blockchain technology to give customers the safest and simplest way to buy, store, send and spend cryptocurrencies and traditional money. And through B2B payments platform, ZumoPay and SDK, ZumoKit, we are developing enterprise solutions for merchants and our partners in developing markets. 

Founded in Edinburgh in 2017 by entrepreneurs Nick Jones and Paul Roach, we are a purpose-driven Fintech business with transparency, accessibilty and financial inclusion at our core. We want to bring the benefits of smart money to everyone. And after Covid-19, we want to bridge the gap to a better way of dealing with money. Zumo is not elitist. Its not exclusive. Its not only for the one percent. 
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