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Emily Rose Dallara is a dynamic marketing leader with 10 years marketing experience, the majority of those in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, previously, Liquid, OKEx. She is a marketing advisor for multiple social impact projects in the space and most recently worked with AAX (Hong Kong) to build, lead and empower their in-house product marketing team. She also hosts workshops and speaks and writes content about product marketing and her experience marketing and working in the crypto space.

-One of the social impact projects she is most passionate about and works most frequently with, is The Bigger Pie - working to bring gender equity to the blockchain and crypto space. Emily advises, contributes her experience and skills to the community, and leads talks on subjects related to product marketing, leadership and brand narratives in the space.

-Another project she is a Marketing advisor for is Clic.World, a Ugandan based company working to bring social banking to the whole of Africa and beyond. Think of it like the WeChat of Africa, right they we are in building mode, but the industry will be hearing a lot more about Clic in 2022.

-Em’s biggest achievements in the last few years were; hosting the first sell out Crypto Meetup in Saigon with Roger Ver ( ) and Axie ( pre NFT fame!) and increasing the deposit rates of one of her previous exchanges from 10% to above 60% in 6 months.

Emily has 2 dogs and lives in France with her Fiance ( also in crypto!)
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