Lidia Yadlos
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Lidia Yadlos is a founding member of Blockster, the latest crypto social media platform, and Digitex, the eminent crypto futures exchange. She has been at the forefront of the industry since 2018 and has strived to bring forth valuable, unfiltered crypto-industry information to the masses. She has also successfully promoted various solid crypto investment ventures.

The Digitex cryptocurrency futures exchange was among her first inductive projects. Her role in the venture included marketing, product development, and fund-raising. Launched in 2017, the Digitex project has been able to grow over the years and currently serves thousands of users.

The firm additionally has a team of over 100 specialists and staff members that support the ecosystem. Digitex is credited for being the first exchange in the world to offer zero-fee crypto futures trades.

Her Involvement in Blockster

Lidia Yadlos’ most recent involvement is in Blockster, which she co-founded earlier this year. The innovative crypto social platform looks to compete with mainstream social media networks to bring valuable crypto-centric information to the public. The platform was created as a means to overcome suppressive rules imposed on the cryptocurrency industry by mainstream social media platforms.

Presently a few months old, it has over 30,000 monthly users and is poised to attract over 1 million users annually. The project’s precept is to be the ultimate networking platform for crypto enthusiasts, businesses, and investors alike.
Lidia Yadlos is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Blockster.
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woman in crypto

Lydia is a very interesting and intelligent woman who co-founded the Blockster. She is growing and developing fast, always with lots of good ideas. She has assembled a great team of professionals who work daily to improve her platform
27.09.2021 16:47

crypto woman and Co-Founder Blockster

One of the creators of such a great platform as Blockster, together with his team they are developing their platform and have already managed to reach heights!
27.09.2021 16:45